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J-Music Love~

I'm so glad that I live in a country and a city where I am staying now.
I love Japan and I love almost everything about Japan Entertainment -specially the music- but still haven't get any chance to go to Japan.
But lucky me, the city I where live now has a scene called "Japanese Community", in which inside the community I can attend lots of local Japanese bunkasai/matsuri or what I so called "J-event".

Those events are "Japanese themed event" where we can see lots of Japanese-cover bands & Japanese-cover dance on stage, lots of booths which sell Japanese snacks/food such as takoyaki/kakigori/ramen etc, Costume Play (Cosplay) performance, traditional art-music performance such as taiko or bon odori, and various kind of Japanese themed exhibitions.

Almost every weekend I attend various J-events to see my favorite thing: Japanese Cover Band(s)!
The band cover the songs from Japanese band/musician such as Larc-en-Ciel, The Gazette, One Ok Rock, Arashi, Ikimono Gakari, Tokyo Jihen and many more! Some of the bands are great in the musical skills's side, while some others maybe not that skillful but totally awesome in looks. Some of them wear the same costume as the original musician/artist which they cover, while some others make their own original 'Japanese-themed" costumes.

I love to see the bands on performing on stages. I don't have many chances to watch the real Japanese band/musician in a concert, so the existence of these "Japanese cover bands" are more than enough to fulfill my thirst of Japanese Music.

And that's why I make a You Tube account to upload their performances-which I record by myself- as a hobby and also as a dedication to the scene/community which make me happy this far!

You might want to check one of those band here:


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