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This is the continuation of my previous post about J-event. As I said previously, on those events we could see lots of band covering songs from various Japan bands/musicians. Unfortunately, we could rarely see them covering songs from any Johnny's band.
One of the band is famous for covering Arashi's songs, but the band is from a different city ... I hardly can see them :(

Lucky for me, sometimes the band performs on an event in the city where I live. That's the moment where I could finally watch the performance and record it with my camera!
One of my favorite band is Sekazo4 from Semarang, East Java. It consists members from many different bands or what you would say as a "side project band". The band covers songs from Johnny's band such as Arashi, V6,Kattun and -my fave- Tegomass!

Well, actually the song is requested by me! *LOL*
I knew them before the performance and when they said they would sing some of Johnny's band songs, I immediately requested the song! It's "Kiss no Kaerimichi no Love Song" from Tegomass!

"Donna kimi mo Donna toki mo Uketomeru kara
Moshi mo kokoro ga kizutsuite Namida koboreru toki wa
Sekaijuu wo Teki ni shite mo Kimi wo mamoru yo
I LOVE YOU Kotoba wa iranai yo
Kimi ga Saigo no KISSU itsumademo

I couldn't see Tegomass in a concert yet, so I guess I'm gonna have to sing along with Sekazo4 then... XD

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