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Jul. 8th, 2015

It's been a while since I tried to write something in this journal.
I'm not in the mood of writing for the past few months. Every time I open my LJ account, I started checking latest posts in every group I joined. Reading..downloading...while checking my social media accounts here and there. It took time and killed my mood XD

It is the Ramadhan season in my country now. There are not many events to visit in this holy month for Moslem. I'm also in a very unhealthy condition since the end of last month. Something called "Typhoid Fever" attacked my immunity. The doctor said I need to rest... a lot. In the end, I spend most of my time to check every new update of NEWS every where in the net ahahahah~

Okay, now to the post!
The last post I wrote is about Tegomass cover. In case you don't know, you might want to check it. It's right below this post XD
Other than "Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song" -which I requested to Ega MH and Bagus HT- I also made a request for them to sing "Aoi Bench". I was totally fine whether they would sing the Tegomass version or The Sasuke version. But they knew that I love Tegomass so much so they sang the Tegomass version on the event. Ureshii~` <3

Check out their performance here!
(sorry for my laughing sound in the beginning of the video. and the shaky video. and for one of them who forgot the lyric ahahah~ )


Tegomass cover song by Ega MH & Bagus HT

I'm back~!
I kinda forgot my password. It's been 2 months since I last logged in to this account.
I'm glad that I can finally write something to this journal XD

About two months ago, I attended another J-event in my city.
Two friends of mine were asked to sing in the event.
From the twitter I found that they were going to sing "Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song" by Tegomass in that event.
I managed to see them -LIVE- sang the song that made one of them suddenly dropped some tears.
It was one of his "memory" song. I found out about that later after the show.
Their name are Ega MH and Bagus HT. Bagus HT was the one who suddenly got the "onion slicing" effect XD

They have awesome voices! Oh my...finally I could see a DUO singing this sweet song.
But they themselves felt failed since they kinda forget some parts of the lyrics. Yeah...It happened. But I still love their performance anyway ^_^

You could check their performance here:

a month later, they had another show to go. This time, they promised to make everything as perfect as it should be. They didn't want to disappoint me (nor themselves).

And they did it!
That time, everything was perfect. I love how Ega MH and Bagus HT tried their best to sing this song..this sweet and memorable song. For me and for many of the fans ^^

You might want to check it out here

And their performances made me wondering and dreaming about seeing TEGOMASS concert one day.....I hope the day will finally come. For these days, it's more than enough just to see Ega MH and Bagus HT singing Tegomass song ^___^
This is the continuation of my previous post about J-event. As I said previously, on those events we could see lots of band covering songs from various Japan bands/musicians. Unfortunately, we could rarely see them covering songs from any Johnny's band.
One of the band is famous for covering Arashi's songs, but the band is from a different city ... I hardly can see them :(

Lucky for me, sometimes the band performs on an event in the city where I live. That's the moment where I could finally watch the performance and record it with my camera!
One of my favorite band is Sekazo4 from Semarang, East Java. It consists members from many different bands or what you would say as a "side project band". The band covers songs from Johnny's band such as Arashi, V6,Kattun and -my fave- Tegomass!

Well, actually the song is requested by me! *LOL*
I knew them before the performance and when they said they would sing some of Johnny's band songs, I immediately requested the song! It's "Kiss no Kaerimichi no Love Song" from Tegomass!

"Donna kimi mo Donna toki mo Uketomeru kara
Moshi mo kokoro ga kizutsuite Namida koboreru toki wa
Sekaijuu wo Teki ni shite mo Kimi wo mamoru yo
I LOVE YOU Kotoba wa iranai yo
Kimi ga Saigo no KISSU itsumademo

I couldn't see Tegomass in a concert yet, so I guess I'm gonna have to sing along with Sekazo4 then... XD

J-Music Love~

I'm so glad that I live in a country and a city where I am staying now.
I love Japan and I love almost everything about Japan Entertainment -specially the music- but still haven't get any chance to go to Japan.
But lucky me, the city I where live now has a scene called "Japanese Community", in which inside the community I can attend lots of local Japanese bunkasai/matsuri or what I so called "J-event".

Those events are "Japanese themed event" where we can see lots of Japanese-cover bands & Japanese-cover dance on stage, lots of booths which sell Japanese snacks/food such as takoyaki/kakigori/ramen etc, Costume Play (Cosplay) performance, traditional art-music performance such as taiko or bon odori, and various kind of Japanese themed exhibitions.

Almost every weekend I attend various J-events to see my favorite thing: Japanese Cover Band(s)!
The band cover the songs from Japanese band/musician such as Larc-en-Ciel, The Gazette, One Ok Rock, Arashi, Ikimono Gakari, Tokyo Jihen and many more! Some of the bands are great in the musical skills's side, while some others maybe not that skillful but totally awesome in looks. Some of them wear the same costume as the original musician/artist which they cover, while some others make their own original 'Japanese-themed" costumes.

I love to see the bands on performing on stages. I don't have many chances to watch the real Japanese band/musician in a concert, so the existence of these "Japanese cover bands" are more than enough to fulfill my thirst of Japanese Music.

And that's why I make a You Tube account to upload their performances-which I record by myself- as a hobby and also as a dedication to the scene/community which make me happy this far!

You might want to check one of those band here:


Tegomass Love~

tegomass poster

pic credit to someone named takakiharu.well, you know. I found this pic randomly on the internet. but you can see the name of the "scanner" at the bottom of the pic ^^

Tegomass? Well..sure.. I love them!
My Johnny's starter pack was actually V6 since they appeared in my teenager's era XD
I prefer V6 to SMAP because V6 has more good voices in it. But then in my "post-teenager" era -well if you won't say it "adult" era-, I was "tainted" with NEWS, the time when NEWS still have 9 members. I followed them ever since till I finally decide to choose Tegomass as my favorite Johnny's group. They surely can sing! Tegoshi has awesome voice while Massu has unique but charming voice. Deadly duo to my ears! My bias? It's Massu, with healing and shining smile that melt my heart~! XD



I finally make a new live journal account since I can no longer remember email nor password to my old account. It was nadine_zevy which I posted lots of crappy edited image ahahahah... poor me... it was horrible when I see it now XD

I didn't intend to make a new account since I already have many accounts on many different social platform.....MANY! But there are some communities I would like to join and an LJ account is needed tough.

Well then.. here I am...(hope to be) socially active on Live Journal once again!